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Ataraxia Pepper spray solutions

About Us

Operating across a vast range of industries, we use our expertise and insights to respond to client needs in sustainable and innovative ways. As such, we bring our philosophy of sustainable solutions through partnership to life by remaining committed to finding new and innovative ways to address the challenges of tomorrow, today. At Ataraxia we consistently strive to exceed your expectations, delivering technology advanced, cutting edge solutions no matter the scale or scope of your PROBLEM. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide and deliver the highest level of support.

Ataraxia pepper gas security systems

How it works

Ataraxia the security system that fights back to protect your valuables, creating ultimate PEACE OF MIND.
Our Ataraxia pepper spray unit is a wall mounted security system that can be installed in pump stations, warehouses, factories, sheds or any other building.The system is designed with ease of installation in mind. After the unit is wall open boxmounted it is plugged into a 220V power socket outlet and activated by means of a remote control.
When armed and movement is detected, the unit will respond by spraying pepper gas for 4 seconds after which it will deactivate and automatically re activate after 2 minute. See the video on our website.
Oleoresin Capsicum is a highly effective NON-LETHAL pepper gas spray which will incapacitate an intruder for up to an hour. It is humanly impossible to remain in  areas where the pepper gas was sprayed.
Additional slave unit can be connected to a master unit for larger areas or multi-roomed installations.
An on board GSM sms unit can be installed as an addition to notify the user of the following conditions :
o    Armed and Disarmed condition
o    Alarm activation
o    Power failure
o    Low Voltage Back Up Battery
o    Gas Canister Low Status
o    Cable Protector Alarm
Our master unit fully integrates with your existing alarms systems and can thus be monitored by your security service provider.


The best pepper gas security system that prevents loss of property. Copper theft, electrical wiring, fittings and fixtures, pump motors, metal covers, taps and valves. Well, just about anything with value.

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Ataraxia pepper gas security systems – Peace of mind

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