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Installation Videos

Installation videos

See our pepper spray security system in action; this 2 minute video will show you the D.I.Y installation process step-by-step.

For best viewing quality set to 480p – Click on the video, should playback appear fuzzy, click on settings. (The gear, bottom right in the video player and select 480p)

In this Ataraxia pepper gas security system installation video the most important installation pointers are highlighted. You will see

  • how to secure the pepper gas master unit to any wall in any business, outbuilding, factory or office
  • what our pepper gas canisters look like and how to fit the gas canisters to the master unit
  • How to connect the master unit to AC and your backup battery
  • identifying the main components in the master unit
  • how to test the master unit and reset the controller unit
  • activate and deactivate the pepper gas unit via remote control
  • warning lights, activation indicators, system armed indicators
  • security notifiers via the GSM unit. Receive notifications via SMS on your cellphone (up to 15 cell phone numbers)
  • see the unit in action. The master unit is triggered when movement is picked up via the PIR (Motion detector / sensor)
  • pepper gas spray


Ataraxia pepper gas security systems – Peace of mind

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