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Commercial Unit

We have various options and products you can use to build your unique security solution. Our products are durable and ideal for any rural installation. Our products include

Ataraxia Pepper Spray Master Unit

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(including remote)
Ataraxia the security system that fights back to protect your valuables, creating ultimate PEACE OF MIND. Our Ataraxia pepper spray unit is a wall mounted security system that can be installed in pump stations, warehouses, factories, sheds or any other building. The system is designed with ease of installation in mind. After the unit is wall mounted it is plugged into a 220V power socket outlet and activated by means of a remote control. When armed and movement is detected via the motion sensor on the unit will respond by spraying pepper gas for 4 seconds after which it will be activate and automatically re activate after 1 minute. Our master unit fully integrates with existing alarms systems and can thus be monitored by your security service provider.

The Ataraxia master unit has a built in switch mode voltage regulator that can accept either 24Vac power supplies, or a Solar Panel. (no need for an additional Solar regulator).

The system is controlled via a powerful microcontroller and is configurable via the Ataraxia configuration software with a standard mini USB cable.


The Following Items can be configured:

  • Siren on duration
  • Spray time of pepper gas and dwell time
  • Remotes + (to whom it should be assigned)
  • Cellphone users can be configured for specific functions and activations


Ataraxia Pepper Spray Slave Unit (Optional)

A slave unit can be connected to a master unit for larger areas or multi-room installations.

Ataraxia Pepper Spray Slave Unit











Ataraxia optional extras

  • Ataraxia SMS Modem plug-in module
  • A GSM sms unit to notify up to 10/15 cell phone numbers in case of alarm activation, loss of electrical power, empty canister and sms time low.
  • Ataraxia Modbus plug-in module
  • Ataraxia Modbus / SMS plug-in module
  • Ataraxia plug in transformer
  • Ataraxia coded remote (128 bit encrypted)


Ataraxia Pepper Gas / Canister

Staraxia Pepper Spray


Pepper Spray also known as OC spray (from “Oleoresin Capsicum’) is a chemical compound that irritates the eyes to cause tears, pain and even temporary blindness. Also used in policing, riot control, crowd control and personal self-defence. It’s inflammatory effects causes temporary blindness. Oleoresin Capsicum is a highly effective NON-LETHAL pepper gas spray which will incapacitate an intruder for up to an hour. It is humanly impossible to remain in areas where the pepper gas was sprayed. The pepper gas canister is a 500ml canister and gives you 60 seconds spray time. The canister is pressured at 8 bar which mean that the 4 seconds spray time is more than enough to fill the room of 64m2 sufficiently. Total spray time = 60 seconds (15 x 4 seconds). The unit resets itself after 1 minute and ready to spray again should someone try to break in again.

Our pepper gas is SABS approved. (None of our competitors offer such large canisters)







Ataraxia Solar Panel

50W – 80W Solar Panel. Solar Panels can be ideally installed in areas where electricity is not available.



Ataraxia 9AH Battery backup


Security Safety Sign

Ataraxia Pepper Gas Security Warning Signs



Safety Signs are a necessity. Where pepper gas systems are installed it is required by law to display warning signs. We have Safety Signs in the following translations:
English vs Xhosa
English vs Zulu
English vs Setswana






Ataraxia pepper gas security systems – Peace of mind

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